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Today’s “Fleece-Flocker” Award Winner is author David Horowitz



Congratulations to….
David Horowitz
Today’s Fleece-Flocker” Award Winner
Horowitz’s parents were members of the American Communist Party and avid supporters of Joseph Stalin when he was growing up. Horowitz considered himself a serious Marxist (Communist) intellectual. In the early 1970s Horowitz developed a close friendship with Black Panther Party founder Huey Newton. As part of their work together, Horowitz raised money for Newton.
In 1968, David became the editor of a leftist magazine called Ramparts. In 1985, Horowitz realized there wasn’t any money to be made as a card-carrying Marxist, Stalinist, Leninist and Communist.
After he witnessed Rush Limbaugh earning big bucks spewing forth BS and assorted lies on the radio beginning in 1984 in Sacramento, Dave well knew that he could tell just as much BS and fabricate as many lies as Rush. This led Horowitz to perform the ultimate flip-flop when he disavowed his Marist ideals and decided to become a Rush Limbaugh Wannabee.
As is the case with his mentor Rush, Horowitz has also been married four (4) times, proving he’s as big a “Family Values” guy as Rush.
In an ongoing effort to unjustly enrich himself at the expense of his followers, Horowitz decided to act as his own pimp in selling books he authored. Towards that end, he setup the laughable David Horowitz Freedom Center, a so-called tax exempt organization. As you can see from the textbox at the end of this article, Horowitz charges as much as 800% more than a book cost on Amazon.com. If Horowitz possessed one ounce of honesty, he would advise his followers to purchase these books on Amazon.com.
The most troubling aspect of Horowitz ripping-off his followers is the fact that none of the profit is taxable. Therefore, those that he unmercifully attacks with falsehoods are made to make up for the taxes that he is able to avoid. What an unmitigated joke!
Books Authored by David Horowitz
A point in time – HC 
–   $9.99
Collected writings of Sarah – HC
Reforming our universities – HC
Cracking of the heart – HC
One party classroom – HC
Party of defeat – HC
Indoctrination U. – PB
$  7.17
Shadow party: George Soros – PB
$ 8.50
$  4.18
The professors – HC
The end of time – HC
$  8.00
Unholy alliance – HC
Anti-Chomsky reader – PB
$  5.54
Radical son – PB
$  9.25
Hating whitey – HC
$  7.02
Politics of bad faith – HC
$ 9.11
Uncivil wars – HC
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