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Attorney Nikola Kostich of Milwaukee; greedy slacker

The state of Wisconsin provided Nikola P. Kostich with a law license in 1970 after he graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School.
The Office of Lawyer Regulation (OLR) found Bruce guilty of the following misconduct.
  1. Failed to act with reasonable competence (moron)
  2. Failed to act with reasonable diligence (slacker)
  3. Failed to respond to client inquiries
  4. Failed to keep his client informed about the progress of legal matter
  5. Failed to provide necessary information to client in order that the client could make an informed decision on pending legal matters
  6. Failed to take reasonable steps to protect client’s interests after he was fired
  7. Refused to cooperate with OLR investigation (Up yours sez Nicola!)
  8. Failed to return unearned fees to client (cheater)
  9. Refused to provide client file to successor attorney after he was fired despite repeated requests for the file
In one case, Nikola was hired to provide post-conviction representation to a client convicted of a felony pursuant to a guilty plea. The parents arranged for the representation and paid $5,000 up front to Nikola who billed $200 an hour. Nikola never took any steps to determine if the client had sufficient legal grounds for an appeal for more than thirty (30) months after he was hired to do so. Despite his gross incompetence, Nikola the Slacker refused to return a substantial portion of the $5,000 he was paid even though he didn’t perform any valuable services for the client.
This wasn’t Nikola’s 1st bite at the Attorney Misfit Apple Tree. He was previously presented with a complimentary reprimand by the apologists for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Wisconsin Supreme Court for his knowing failure to file a federal income tax return.
As a consequence of his misconduct, the cheerleaders for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Wisconsin Supreme Court punished Nikola by gifting him with a complimentary reprimand.
As we speak (ca. June 2012) Nikola practices with the Law Offices of Nikola Kostich at 135 West Wells Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
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