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Top 5 Judicial Misfit Viewer Award Winners – 2011

The following Judicial Misfits have proven their popularity among the viewers of the Watchdawg’s website. There are many, many more that are giving their all in competing for one of the top 5 spots on this prestigious list.
These so-called jurists are the crème de le crème of Judicial Misfits running amuck throughout the country. Each and every one of them has earned their popularity by continuing to engage in misconduct on and/or off the bench. They all deserve are disrespect for their continued disservice to their respective communities.
Most of these misfits have spent the vast majority of their adult lives gorging on public pork. Put simply, they have an insatiable appetite for devouring taxpayer funds.
  1. Judge Judith Chirlin of Los Angeles
  2. Judge Stephen Yarbrough of Toledo
  3. Judge Richard McQuade, Jr. of Toledo
  4. Judge Timothy McGinity of Cleveland
  5. Judge Judith McConnell of San Diego
Congrats to the 2011 Judicial Misfit Award winners based on view popularity. Keep up the good work! And good luck in 2012!
The Dawg~
Folsom, California





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