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Attorney Edward J. Abramson of Miami; serial liar, ethical elf

The state of Florida provided Edward Joel Abramson with a law license in 1989.
In early 2012, a referee appointed by the Florida Supreme Court found Edward guilty of the following misconduct.
  • Conduct involving fraud, deceit, dishonesty or misrepresentation
  • Conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice (obstruction of justice)
  • Provided false evidence to a trial court
  • Failed to disclose facts to a trial court he had a duty to disclose
Eddie’s misconduct involved his representation of Richard Griffiths involving removal proceedings and an application for adjustment of his immigration status through his marriage. As a requirement for his adjustment application, Griffiths was required to disclose his arrest history.
In December 2003, Griffiths was arrested on a felony charge of possession with intent to sell marijuana. The felony charge was still pending when he applied for adjustment application. Shortly after his arrest, Griffiths employed Edward as his criminal defense attorney. In 2004, Griffiths pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession.
In 2007, Edward appeared with Griffiths in immigration court for a final hearing on his adjustment application. During the hearing, the Court asked Griffith if he had any others arrests (2 in 2000) that he had not disclosed. Griffith liked when he stated he had no other arrests. The court then asked Eddie “…is there anything you remember from the last year that we haven’t covered today that you feel is important for me to know or to have on the record?” In responding to the court, Eddie did not disclose the 2003 arrest.
At the hearing, counsel for the Department of Homeland Securing stated to the court that Griffiths, “Has a marijuana conviction from 2003, he was arrested for selling marijuana … and he has a possession thing, do you recall that?” Without being questioned, Eddie said “I have a new police thing and there is nothing that shows on there, so I don’t have knowledge of that.” Of course this was a bald faced lie since he acted as attorney for Griffiths in the 2003 marijuana conviction.
When again questioned by the court about his 2003 crime, he admitted he had been convicted. The court then inquired of Eddie if he knew anything about that, which led Eddie to say, “No, I’m not the attorney.” During his closing argument to the court, Eddie again denied knowing anything about the 2003 arrest. A serial liar if there ever was one!
Eddie’s Hyperbolic (BS) Defense to Lying to the Court
Eddie the Comedian had the chutzpah to claim that he did not correct the false testimony of his client Griffith based on the attorney/client privilege. Of course no such privilege exists because it mandates that an attorney provide truthful and accurate information to the court. If Eddie has problem expanding on his victim pool, he should have any trouble earning a living as a standup comedian.
Eddie also defended his conduct by saying he experienced serious health issues prior to, during and after engaging in the aforementioned misconduct. This is of course pure BS! To argue that an alleged health issue caused him to repeatedly lie to the court doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test.
As a consequence of his misconduct, the cheerleaders for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Florida Supreme Court punished Edward by gifting him with a 60-day suspension of his law license.
As we speak (ca. June 2012) Eddie continues to practice law at 2720 NW 12th Street in Miami, Florida.
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