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Attorney Steven H. Griffiths of Wayne, PA; ethical leprechaun

The state of Pennsylvania provided Steven H. Griffiths with a law license in 1996. The states of New Jersey and New York also presented Steven with a law license in 1996 and 1997 respectively.
In Aug 2008 suspended for one-year and one-day for engaging in the illegal practice of law while his license suspended. Steve was found to have illegally acted as legal counsel for at least five (5) unwitting clients (victims.)
Steve’s Hyperbolic (BS) Anxiety Defense
The vast majority of Attorney Misfits defend their misconduct by claiming they suffer from depression and other mental maladies. In my personal opinion these defense are pure bunk! In Steve’s case, he paid for an opinion from Dr. Steven Samuel a psychiatrist employed as an associate professor at Jefferson Medical College.
Dr. Samuel testified that Steve suffered from a generalized anxiety disorder that caused his misconduct. It’s amazing what kind of medical opinions can be bought if the “price is right.” This laughable diagnosis is analogous to the “Twinkie Defense.” Maybe a “generalized anxiety disorder” for an attorney is analogous to a “generalized tendency to lie.” 
Steve would have us believe that his anxiety arose from for his divorce case. Doesn’t’ everyone involved in a divorce suffer some type of anxiety?
Is that like a “generalized tendency to lie? All this feigned anxiety arose from Stevie’s divorce case. Doesn’t’ everyone involved in
As expected the Mental Midgets sitting on the Disciplinary Board bought into Dr. Steven’s laughable testimony.
In late 2011, the enablers Attorney Misfits sitting on the Discipline Board voted to reinstate Steven’s law license thereby providing him with an opportunity to once again earn a dishonest living as a lawyer.
As we speak (ca. May 2012) Steven practices law at 903 Hollow Road in Wayne, Pennsylvania.
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