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Attorney Sandra Holien of Marshalltown, IA; Gaddafi Wannabee, certified Dufus

The state of Iowa presented Sandra Holien with a law license in 1974 after she graduated from the University of Minnesota Law School.
While sitting as a Marshall County District Court Judge, the Judicial Commission found Sandra guilty of the following misconduct.
  1. Violated Iowa law by failing to keep her courtroom open to the public
  2. Created a hostile environment in her courtroom
  3. Placed a sign on her courtroom door stating, “Do not enter Courtroom when Court is in session”
  4. When members of the public entered her courtroom she would demand to know why they were there
  5. Repeatedly violated Iowa law as to arraignments in criminal matters
  6. Failed to maintain respect for and follow the law
  7. Engaged in frequent conflicts with fellow judges, police officers, and court personnel
  8. Refused to discuss her belligerent conduct with the Chief Judge
  9. Her hostile relationship with court reporters made it impossible to find reporters willing to work in her courtroom
  10. Stated that her primary reporter had “betrayed” her by reporting on her belligerent behavior
  11. Retained court records in a personal file in order to conceal them from the public and other court personnel including fellow judges
  12. Refused to respond to inquiries from the Chief Court Administrator
  13. Attended continuing judicial education in Minnesota that dealt with Minnesota laws and not those of Iowa
  14. Unlawfully held initial court appearances for defendants in her chambers, thereby denying the prosecutor’s lawful right to attend
  15. Repeatedly refused to return court files to the Clerk upon request
  16. Repeatedly made rude, demeaning and embarrassing comments to police officers who had accompanied prisoners to her courtroom
  17. Would knowingly violate the due process rights of defendants appearing in her court
As a consequence of her egregious and repeated misconduct, the Iowa Supreme Court ordered that Sandra be removed from the bench.
As we speak (ca. April 2012) Sandra continues to practice law in the Marshalltown, Iowa which is about 52 miles northeast of Des Moines.
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