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Donald “Trumporleone” Trump: Today’s “Sleazy Liar” Award Winner


FYI: This isn’t the first award presented to The Great Leader. In the past he has been the subject of 516 awards, 115 opinion pieces and 61 laments. For a list of the prior awards and/or articles, see the items detailed at the end of this article.


In a recent (ca. March 2020) lying rant (is there another kind for this degenerate?), The Great Leader decided to both lie about President Obama and the granting of permits to open up Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) plants. Towards that end, and The Great Leader spewed forth the following lies as additional red meat to be digested by his intellectually defunct followers.

  • "I opened up LNG plants in Louisiana" where companies had been unable to get permits for "for 10, 12, 14 years and longer." He said,
  • "I got them built, a $10 billion plant in Louisiana."

The undisputed truth is that the $10 billion Louisiana LNG plant received its key permits under Obama and its construction also began under Obama. There is absolutely no evidence that any LNG producer had to wait between 10 to 14 years to obtain federal approval to build a facility.


What’s next for The Great Leader? Can we expect that he’ll soon be making the following proclamations?

  • “Under Obama the average pregnancy lasted 13 months.”
  • “Under my great and history making leadership, the average pregnancy lasted just approximately 9 months.”
  • “And because of me, all of the pregnancies have been the greatest and unbelievably beautiful.”

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  7. Ass-Kisser Awards = 8
  8. Bigot/Racist Awards = 17
  9. Bullshit Awards = 74
  10. Chicken Little Awards = 3
  11. Dumbo Awards = 4
  12. Humanitarian Award = 11
  13. IHOP (Flip-Flop) Awards = 3
  14. Liar Awards = 127
  15. Lunatic Awards = 28
  16. Misc. Awards = 83
  17. Misogynist Awards = 3
  18. Moron Awards = 44
  19. Narcissist Awards = 36
  20. Screwball Awards = 12
  21. Rodney Dangerfield Comic Awards = 51


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