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Today’s “Psycho” Award Winner is: KY Sen. Rand Paul

Congratulations to….
Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul
Today’s “Psycho” Award Winner
During a tour to promote his laughable book, “The Tea Party Goes to Washington,” Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., condemned current efforts by both parties in Congress to cut the deficit. Obviously, Ol' Rand missed his calling as a standup comedian, right?
The Psycho was quoted by fellow Psycho Trish Turner of Fox News as saying, “You have to do much more. We’re not even close.”
The Psycho said that he intends, “in the next week or two,” to introduce” a plan to reform Social Security wherein it will be solvent in perpetuity” (forever).
The truth of the matter is that payroll deductions for Social Security have been lumped into the overall federal budget for years. Put simply, excess Social Security funds have been used in a lame attempt to balance the budget. Therefore, the Psycho’s laments are fraught with inaccuracies!
Despite being a practicing ophthalmologist, it is obvious that the Psycho is incapable of “seeing the forest from the trees.”
If Ol’ Ronnie Baby had his way, we’d pass legislation outlawing any and all federal expenditures that are meant to offer assistance to those least able to fend for themselves.
This Certified Psycho has likely never been in the position wherein he was unable to provide for his family in a meaningful way. However, Ron the Psycho has no qualms about attacking those least able to provide for themselves due to circumstances they clearly never asked for or envisioned.
Congrats Rand; keep up the good work! We should let your demented fans and constituents know of your amazing record; you are far too modest.
The Dawg~
Folsom, California
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