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Arizona proudly announces laughable Bar Exam result


In 2018, 1,068 law school graduates took the state bar exam. Of the 1,068 students, only 507 passed. This means that only 52.6% of the students were smart enough to pass the test.


When and if the 507 ignoramuses can pass the bar exam in the future, none of them will be required to post a warning on their business cards, website or on their office door advising prospective clients of this relevant fact.


Clearly, a prospective client would like to know when seeking to employ an attorney how many times he/she had to take the bar exam before they passed it. Concealment of such information denies one seeking legal advice the opportunity to determine if they want to hire someone who has displayed a modicum of intellectualism.


And lastly, when you’re about to hire an attorney, ask him/her the following relevant questions.

  • How many times have you been sued for malpractice?
  • What law school did you attend?
  • Did you have to take the bar exam more than once before you passed?
  • How many graduates in your law school class and what was your numerical standing in the class?

If the attorney refuses to answer the above questions I would advise you to leave his/her office immediately and more importantly make sure to secure your purse or wallet.

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