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Fox’s Ken Starr: Today’s “Moronic Trump Ass-Kisser” Award Winner


FYI: Kenny was the right-wing ideologue who was appointed special counsel to investigate Bill Clinton that went on for over six years and cost the taxpayers more than $70 million.


After lubing up his severely chapped lips with a tube of Industrial Strength Chapstick, Kenny recently (ca. October 2019) made an appearance on the Laura Ingraham Comedy Show. The two Aspiring Comedians and dyed-in-the-wool Trump Sycophants then engaged in the following laughable conversation.



  • “Joining me now, Ken Starr, former independent counsel, Fox News contributor. Ken, I want to read you something from Bill Taylor's testimony today."
  • "By mid-July, it was becoming clear to me that the meeting President Zelinsky wanted was conditioned on the investigations of Burisma and alleged Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election."
  • "It was also clear that this condition was driven by the irregular policy channel that I had come to understand was guided by Mr. Giuliani."
  • “Now, did Taylor actually advance the Democrats' case that Trump's conduct was impeachable? With that?”


  • "No, absolutely not.”
  • “We're in the context of the president's conduct of foreign relations."
  • “But I simply don't think we are in impeachment land at all and I would just add to your observations about the whole process, Speaker Pelosi needs to call for the vote, now more than ever, especially since we are hearing from the Senate side that the process is being viewed, on the Senate side, as illegitimate.”
  • “All the more reason why, not just Adam Schiff, but Speaker Pelosi needs to be called to account.”


  • “Then they cherry-pick that and then they say we are being transparent and we are just trying to protect the process by keeping it secret.” 
  • “I have heard a lot in my day but that's a nice little trick that they are trying to pull.”


  • “There is no legitimate public policy reason, policy or in law, as to why this should not be open so we can all assess the credibility.”
  • “That's the key. Here's a witness testifying for hours on end, we need to be able to take the measure of the person.”


  • “The White House has said it doesn't believe this inquiry is legitimate, does the White House or the State Department or the executive branch have any recourse that would be wise to take legally here?”
  • “Or would that just look so bad, look like they're hiding something?


  • “There is the politics but also in terms of the law, you can't go into court and to say this is illegitimate, it's totally inconsistent with our constitutional traditions.”
  • “We need an injunction."

Kenny is another loser who is totally ignorant of the Constitution and the section dealing with impeachment. To argue that the current impeachment inquiry of The Great Leader is “inconsistent with our constitutional traditions” doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test.


Kenny’s argument that Nancy Pelosi needs to have for an impeachment vote in the House because some Trump Sycophants in the Senate are viewing impeachment process as “illegitimate” is facially absurd.


And lastly, its hard to be believe that Kenny was seen as competent enough to oversee the investigation of Clinton given the fact that he clearly doesn’t know his ass from a whole in the ground when it comes to interpreting the impeachment provisions of the U.S. Constitution.


It may well be that Kenny will require double knee replacement surgery in the not-to-distant future given the amount of time he’s spent on his knees genuflecting on honor of The Great Leader.


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