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Donald “Trumporleone” Trump orders rewrite of U.S. Constitution


Several anonymous and unreliable sources have indicated that The Great Leader has taken pen to paper and redrawn several of the Amendments to the Constitution. It is further rumored that Sen. Mitch “Moscow Mitch” has taken affirmative steps to assure that there is resistance in the Senate to the rewriting of the Constitution. With that said, below are the preliminary changes authored by The Great Leader.


1st Amendment

Allows the President to establish a national religion, restrict freedom speech and freedom of the press, and allow for a President’s minions to arrest those that assemble peacefully to protest the government’s actions

2nd Amendment

Legalize right to keep and bear machine guns and hand grenades

4th Amendment

Permits unreasonable searches and seizures and eliminates need for search warrants involving anyone who disagrees with and/or criticizes The Great Leader

8th Amendment

Allows for excessive fines and bail as well as cruel and unusual punishment such as waterboarding and is limited to Democrats in the Senate and the House of Representatives

13th Amendment

Legalizes slavery, and involuntary servitude, as punishment for crimes committed by members and/or associates of the New York Times, Washington Post and MSNBC

15th Amendment

Allows for the denial of the right to vote based on race, color or previous condition of servitude

19th Amendment

Allows for the denial of the right to vote based on sex

22nd Amendment

Permits a person to be elected president as many times as he/she wants but is limited to Republican candidates only

24th Amendment

Allows for the revocation of voting rights due to the non-payment of a poll tax or any other tax

26th Amendment

Allows for the denial of the right of US citizens, eighteen years of age or older, to vote on account of age and is limited to college campuses that are known to be liberal such as UC Berkeley, NYU, University of Oregon, Boston Unviersity and Oberlin College


With these reasonable edits of the U.S. Constitution it should be much easier for The Great Leader to avoid being impeached and to effectively punish his real and/or perceived enemies such as Hillary Clinton, and Reps. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler.  


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