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Donald “Trumporleone” Trump: Today’s “Narcissistic A-Hole” Award Winner


In an ongoing love affair with himself, The Great Leader decided to once again lie about how important it is that he remain in office. Towards that end, The Great Leaders spewed forth the following narcissistic BS tweet.


“If the House of Representatives impeach me the markets would crash.”


Only a moronic narcissist would even suggest that if he wasn’t leading the country and was replaced by a Democrat that the stock markets would crash. The only thing that will likely clash given what is contained in the recent whistleblower complaint involving the Ukrainian president is The Great Leader’s presidency.


With any luck, The Great Leader may well be impeached by the House before Christmas. There would then be a trial in the U.S. Senate with Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presiding over the trial and the senators acting as the jury.


When and if the Republican senators display a modicum of courage, it should be a foregone conclusion that at least twenty (20) Republican senators will go on record that they intend to vote to impeach The Great Leader. If that happens, The Great Leader can take the cowards way out and do like Nixon did and resign.


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