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Donald “Trumporleone” Trump to name Vladimir Putin as 2020 running mate


Several unreliable and anonymous sources have indicated that The Great Leader has had his fill of Mike Pence’s bible thumping BS. Some of the things that upset The Great Leader about Mikey are as follows.

  • He’s only been married once
  • He’s a loser for staying married to same woman for 34 years
  • He’s a dork for refusing to dine with a woman who isn’t his wife
  • He’s a bumpkin who doesn’t appreciate doing it with very young girls
  • I’ve had my fill of his insincerity when he’s kissing my ass
  • Refuses to lay down with a hot Porn Star

After airing his loathing of Mikey, The Great Leader is about to announce that Pence will be replaced on the 2020 presidential ticket by none other than Vladimir “Vladdy” Putin. Some of the reasoning behind The Great Leader’s choice of Vladdy as his running mate are as follows.

  • Vlady is the strong man that I’ve always aspired to be
  • In truth, I’ve dreamt that Vlady was my Daddy
  • Vlady is a serial liar just like I am
  • Just like me, Vlady considers the media “the enemy of the people”
  • Vlady detests Hillary Clinton just like I do
  • Vlady has let it be known he’s gonna help me get elected in 2020 like he did in 2016

Won’t it be nice to have two strong men ruling side by side after the 2020 election? I’m sure there’s a lot of Male Trump Lovers that will experience an organism if he’s reelected in November 2020.


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