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Donald Trump: 2018 Huey “The Kingfish” Long Ethics Award Winner


In late 2018, a group of ethicists known as “The Kingfish Group” in Louisiana gathered in New Orleans to discuss setting up a system to give out an annual ethics award in honor of former Gov. Huey B. Long. After several meetings, the group unanimously voted to name the honor as the “Huey B. Long Ethics Award.”


In early 2019, the group met to determine who would be the initial 2018 recipient of this prestigious award. Several well-deserving candidates were considered, but the one who came out on top as the most ethical of the group, the crème de la crème so to speak, was none other than Donald “Trumporleone” Trump.


It should be noted that the competition for “The Kingfish” Award for 2018 was quite keen. To be fair to the runner-up’s, “The Kingfish Group” decided to hand out honorary Kingfish awards to the following list of highly ethical contestants.

  • Former New York City Gov. Rudy Giuliani
  • Sarah Sanders Huckabee
  • Kim Jong-un
  • Rev. Sean Hannity
  • Former Sen. John Ensign, resigned after admitting to long-time affair with Senate staffer

Congrats to The Great Leader for being the initial recipient of “The Kingfish” ethics award! The members of “The Kingfish Group” have indicated that they are confident that The Great Leader will be a leading contestant for the 2019 “Kingfish” Ethics award.


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