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Donald Trump: 2018 winner of “Hero of the Russian Federation” Medal

In May 2019, Vladimir “He’s my Daddy” Putin announced that he would bestow the “Hero of the Russian Federation” Medal on his beau Donald “Trumporleone” Trump for his undying loyalty and service to the Putin and the Kremlin.


This is the highest honorary title awarded by the Russian Federation under the auspices and direction of Putin. The prestigious title comes with a Gold Star medal, an insignia of honor that identifies The Great Leader as its most recent recipient.


The title is awarded to a person for “service to the Russian state and nation and is usually connected with a heroic feat of valor.” In this instance, The Great Leader’s “heroic feat of valor” was his announcement in Helsinki that he believed Putin over American intelligence regarding Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.


As you can see, The Great Leader was quite surprised and overjoyed when Vladdy offered to share a ride with him prior to presiding over the awarding of this prestigious Russian award. 


Congrats to The Great Leader for receiving this prestigious award as a Heroic Flunky and Putin Sycophant.


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