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Donald “Trumporleone” Trump continues to set world records for lying


It is a well known fact that The Great Leader takes great pride in being a Congenital and Serial Liar who has shown a propensity to lie about things that are quite insignificant and easily provable to be patently false.


In an attempt to surpass the 20,000 lie threshold prior to the November 2020 presidential election, The Great Leader has taken affirmative steps to increase his daily output of falsehoods.


During his first year in office The Great Leader averaged nearly 6 falsehoods a day. He was able to increase his daily lies in 208 to 16.5 per day. During the first two months of 2019, The Great Leader has reached new heights by lying 22 times each day.


He also set a new world record when he told over 100 individual lies in a two-hour period of time while speaking before the Conservative Political Action Conference. Think abut it folks, if he ran his foul mouth for nine (9) straight hours he would likely tell about 1,000 lies.


What amazes me is the fact that anyone would support someone who has dedicated his life to lying about every aspect of his life and businesses. I’m sure if a husband living in Wisconsin, Michigan or Pennsylvania was caught doing the following by his wife, he’d be spending a substantial portion of his income on a divorce lawyer.

  • Having a sexual affair with a Porn Star
  • Using marital assets to pay hush money to the Porn Star
  • Engaging in a year’s long sexual affair with a Playboy model that began while the wife was pregnant
  • Admitting in public that he “grabbed women by the pussy”

I’d personally like to meet any woman who would cheerfully tolerate her husband engaging in the aforementioned conduct and remain married to the louse.


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