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Former Maine Mayor Shane Bouchard: Today’s “Racist” Award Winner


Unfortunately for the residents of Lewiston, Shane succeeded in duping them into voting him to be their Mayor without the knowledge that he’s a dyed-in-the-wool racist.


During a recent rant to further prove he’s a racist, Shane told the following joke.

  • “What do you call 2 old black people sitting on your front lawn.”
  • “Antique farm equipment.”

Shortly after telling the above racist joke, Shane said in a text:


“All my jokes are quite racist lol.”


Luckily for the residents in the greater Lewiston area, Shane took the cowards way out and resigned rather than wait to be ousted in the next election.


As an unemployed racist Shane can opt to apply for a job as a greeter at the Walmart store on 31 Alfred A Plourde Parkway in Lewiston. And if that doesn’t bare any fruit, he can seek employment as a bouncer at The Platinum Plus Strip Club at 200 Riverside Street in Portland, Maine.


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