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Judge María Elena Gómez of Costa Rica; ethical troll


The Costa Rica Judicial Commission found Judge Gómez guilty of the following misconduct.


In one matter, Judge Ramirez dismissed a case against two legislators who had pointed out for collaborating with Juan Carlos Bolanos, the businessman at the epicenter of a cement scandal.


At the time, Mr. Bolanos was being held in preventive detention, and was reported to have used political pressure and offered perks in exchange for the authorization to import Chinese cement that was worth millions of dollars of unguaranteed credit from public banks.  


Various members of three branches of the Costa Rican government were involved in the Bolanos cement scandal.


Judge Gómez was investigated after a report that he irregularly exonerated former legislators Otto Guevara and Victor Morales Zapata, who were then facing influence peddling charges relating to the Bolanos affair.


As a direct consequence of her misconduct, the enablers for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Costa Rica Supreme Court punished Judge Gómez by gifting her with a complimentary reprimand.


As we speak (ca. December 2018), Judge  Gómez continues to sit as a Judge on the Costa Rica Supreme Court in San Jose, Costa Rica.


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