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Michelle Bachman: Today’s “Bigoted Liar” Award


This isn’t the first award presented to Michele. In the past she has been the recipient of thirty-three (33) awards in various categories and the subject of seven (7) opinion pieces. Those awards and opinion pieces are listed at the end of this article.


Michelle is another in a long list of loser attorneys such as Laura Ingraham, Geraldo Rivera, Mark Levin and Hugh Hewitt that decided to go into politics after learning how difficult it was to earn a dishonest living practicing law after she graduated in from Oral Roberts University School of Law. Therefore, she decided to go into the second most ethical profession (used car salesman No. 1), political punditry.    


In an ongoing effort to assure that she retains her title as one of America’s Premier Bigots and Morons, Michelle decided it was time to spew forth a little hatred regarding the so-called caravan traveling on foot from Central America, through Mexico and then to the U.S. Border.


Towards that end, Michelle made a recent (late October 2018) appearance on the right-wing American Pastors Network’s “Stand In The Gap” radio program. Michelle then tossed out the following red meat to be digested by “Stand in the Gap’s” low I.Q. followers and her fellow bigots regarding the caravan.

  • “This is completely intentional. This is not an accident.”
  • “This is being done—some reports are George Soros has spent upwards of $20 million to make this happen.”
  • “This is an invasion.”
  • “This isn’t about compassion, this is an invasion of people, it is an attack on the United States border.”

Michelle continued on with her false bigotry by stating:

  • “The second they come here, they have a full legal right to free education, to free healthcare.” she claimed.
  • “They don’t pay for it, we pay for it.”
  • “When you go to the doctor, you pay for your medical bills; they don’t have to.”

Michelle concluded her make believe bigotry by stating:

  • “The people who are part of this current invasion, over 80 percent are gang-aged males, military-aged males.”
  • “Many of them are from the extremely dangerous gang called MS-13.”
  • “With illegal immigration, the truth is also coming with it is crime, is theft, is rape, is murder, is drunk driving.” Bachmann warned.
  • “This cannot continue to go on. America will never be the same.”
  • “You will see the fall of the United States and that is why we need to draw a line in the sand.”

It is patently clear why this bigoted moron was never able to obtain a good paying job from any reputable law firm in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Nobody in its right mind would hire someone who spews forth such fabricated nonsense in pursuit of fulfilling a racist ideal.


Now that Michelle is out of a job as a member of Congress that paid her $174,000 a year (best paying job she ever had), and since she’s from Anoka, Minnesota, the Halloween capitol of the world, she should be able to get a year-around job as a Witch.

  1. Ass-Kisser Award Winner = 1
  2. Bullshit Award Winner = 2
  3. Dumbo Award Winner = 2
  4. Homophobe Award Winner = 2
  5. Liar Award Winner = 2
  6. Lunatic Award Winner = 7
  7. Moron Award Winner = 5
  8. Screwball Award Winner = 4
  9. Tina Fey Award Winner = 9
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