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Donald Trump’s 76th post-election lie: many women got paid to make up stories


To preclude anyone from outmatching him as America’s Premier Liar, Donald “Trumporleone” Trump decided to spew forth a manufactured falsehood about the number of women that accused him of sexual assault and/or misconduct.


During a news conference, The Great Leader spewed out the following falsehoods in a laughable attempt to act as an unpaid defense attorney and/or consigliore for Brett Kavanagh.

  • “I’m a very famous person. “People want fame. They want money.”
  • “I’ve been accused, I’ve been accused.”
  • “I believe it was four women, you can check with Sean Hannity [chief legal advisor], you can check with Fox, because they covered it very strongly.”
  • “I was accused by four or five women who got paid a lot of money to make up stories about me."
  • "We caught them and the mainstream media refused to put it on television."
  • "They refused to even write about it."
  • "There were four women, and maybe more.”

To suggest that it would be fruitful to check with Sean Hannity on the veracity of the numerous credible claims of sexual misconduct that The Great Leader has been subjected to doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test. Speaking to Hannity on the matter would be like asking Bill Cosby to comment on validity of the sexual harassment claims lodged against him.


So here we have The Great Leader claiming that the payments he and/or his consigliore Michael Cohen made to Stormy Daniels ($130,000) and Karen McDougal ($150,000) to silence them was actually money they were paid by some unknown person or persons to fabricate having sex with him. This moron (my sincerest apologies to morons) isn't even a good liar. 


It shouldn’t be long before The Great Leader offers his services as a character witness when Harvey Weinstein goes to trial on rape and several criminal sex act charges.


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