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2011 “Judicial Moron” Award Winner is Judge Patricia Warner of Montgomery, AL


Congratulations to….
Judge Patricia Warner
2011 “Judicial Moron” Award Winner
As you can imagine, the competition for Judicial Moron for 2011 was quite keen. Put simply, Patricia ain’t the only Judicial Moron running amuck throughout the country.
Patricia’s main achievement was having 29 of her Moronic decisions overturned by the Court of Appeals. To get a better handle on Patricia’s accomplishments as a Moron, I would invite you to view the article listed at the end of this award.
To be fair to Patricia due to the stiff competition for this prestigious award, below are the Judicial Moron runner-ups.
2011 Honorable Mention Judicial Moron Award Winners
  • Judge Patty Nolan – Globe Justice Court – Globe, Arizona
  • Judge Nancy Pollard – Orange County Superior Court – Santa Ana, CA
  • Judge Solange Guberman – Justice Court – Ottawa, Canada
  • Judge James Mason - Family Court  - Columbus, Ohio
Obviously, there’s many Judicial Morons out there that displayed the qualities to win this award or at least receive an Honorable Mention. To those deserving candidates, there’s always next year. So just keep up the moronic work and we’ll see how it goes for 2012. Good Luck Boys and Girls!
Articles setting forth the accomplishments of the aforementioned Judicial Morons can be found by going to "Judicial Misfits by State" at  www.noethics.net.
Congrats Patricia; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as America’s most accomplished “Moron” for 2011; you are far too humble.
The Dawg~
Folsom, California
Judge Patricia Warner of Montgomery, AL; celebrated Moron, ethical vagrant
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