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Attorney Warren E. Danz of Peoria; perjurer, scofflaw

In late 2010, the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission found Warren E. Danz guilty of improperly lending money to clients that would be repaid to him upon completion of their claims and/or pending lawsuits.
Lending money to clients is an absolute no, no because it places the attorney’s interest in settling the case so he/she can be paid above the interests of the client.
The Commission charged Danz and/or his partner Michael Alan Sue with improperly lending money to clients on 100 or more occasions.
The Commission also ruled that Warren was a liar (perjurer) when he gave false testimony before the commission. That false testimony was as follows:
Q.        “Have you ever loaned money to clients?”
A.       “Oh, many years ago I may have had some loans, but no, we don’t –“
Q.        “Okay. So when you say many years, ago, do you think that it was at least ten years ago?”
A         “More than that.”
Based on Jimmy’s testimony, the Commission specifically stated: “There is no doubt that the statements by Danz t hat he did not loan money to any client within the past ten years were false.”
Because Attorney Misfits are held to a lower standard of conduct then we are, felony perjury charges were never lodged against Jimmy.
This wasn’t the first time the Commission investigated Jimmy’s conduct in loaning money to his clients.
As a consequence of his misconduct, the enablers for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Disciplinary Commission punished Jimmy by gifting him with a complimentary censure.
And finally, the Commission stated, “Because of Jimmy’s lack of understanding of ethical requirements, we believe he should be required to attend a professionalism course.” Clearly, the Commission members missed their calling as standup comedians!
As we speak (ca. Jan 2012) Warren Danz practices law at 710 NE Jefferson Avenue in Peoria.
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