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Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Today’s “Degenerate Liar” Award Winner


This isn’t the first Award presented to Sarah. In the past, she has been the recipient of ten (10) Awards in various categories. Those awards are listed at the end of this article and can be viewed by going to the listed categories.


During a recent (July 2018) appearance on the Fox and Friends Comedy Show, Sarah engaged in yet another lame attempt to cement her status as a Congenital Liar, Certified Moron and Aspiring Standup Comedian.


After donning a pair of Trumpian Brand ™ Industrial Strength Knee Pads and applying some Extra Strength Chapstick to her lips, Sarah decided to once again prove her undying loyalty to The Great Leader regarding The Great Leader’s continuing false claims that the Mueller Russiagate investigation is a hoax.


Sarah went ahead and tossed a little red meat to The Five’s low I.Q. followers by saying:


"We’d all be a lot better off if ... Congress and the special counsel could come to the same conclusion that the rest of America has - that this is a hoax and a waste of time.”


The “rest of America” that Sarah speaks of is those folks that are endowed with an I.Q. just a tax higher than the legal speed limit for semis on I-75 in Ohio.


In truth Sarah, we’d all be a lot better off if you decided to tell the truth once in awhile rather than acting as a duplicitous liar for The Great Leader.


When The Great Leader’s term in office ends, and it will via impeachment or resignation, the only job opportunities that will be available for Sarah are those offered by the Fox News Comedy Network.


And if that doesn’t pan out, she can always apply for a job as a greeter at the Walmart Supercenter at 2400 North Hervey Street in Hope, Arkansas. And as a backup, she may want to consider enrolling at The Bartending School on Cantrell Road in Little Rock.

  1. Ass-Kisser Award Winner = 1
  2. Liar Award Winner = 2
  3. Tina Fey Award Winner = 2
  4. It’s insulting to call Donald “Trumporleone” Trump a Liar: Art. 206 Ass-Kisser Awards
  5. White House’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders: kisses Sean Hannity’s Ass: Art. 224 Ass-Kisser Awards
  6. Sarah Huckabee demands ESPN fire Jemele Hill Bigot: Art. 252 Bigot Awards
  7. Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Today’s “Lying Ass-Kisser” Award Winner: Art. 136 Liar Awards
  8. Moronic Hypocrite Award Winner: Art. 51 Misc. Awards


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