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Fox is to "Real" News what Blowup Dolls are to "Real" Sex


The Fox News Comedy Network isn’t now nor has it ever been interested in telling the “real” news. It’s sole interest is in spewing forth lies and phony conspiracy theories in order to please its low I.Q. viewers.


Additionally, its other prime purpose is to act as the Chief Propaganda Outlet for Donald “Trumporleone” Trump and his assorted Sycophants and Toadies.


If Fox was truly interested in dealing with the truth it would change its motto from “Fair and Balanced Reporting” to “Unfair Reporting by Unbalanced Reporters.”


Viewing and believing anything that Fox and its cadre of comedians such as Sean Hannity and Steve Doocy spew forth on a daily basis is akin to:


A feller believing he’s having “real” sex with some dynamite gal like The Great Leader’s onetime fling Stormy Daniels when in fact he’s doing it with Jessica the Love Doll. 




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