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Trump’s 65th post-election lie: rejected request to add 5,000 immigration judges


To prevent anyone from surpassing him as America’s Premier Liar, Donald “Trumporleone” Trump decided to spew forth his usual dose of hyperbolic (BS) lies regarding his unrelenting attack on immigrants seeking refuge in the U.S. of A.


During a rally in South Carolina attended by his low I.Q. followers and fellow bigots, The Great Leader made the following false statement during a back and forth with members of the audience. 

  • “They [who in the hell is “they”?]came to me three days ago and they said, ‘Sir, we’d like you to sign this order.’”
  • “What is the order?”
  • “We need 5,000 judges on the border.?” I said, ‘Judges?
  • “What other country has judges?”
  • “How many do we have now?’ They didn’t even know.”
  • “So we have thousands of judges and now we’re going to have 5,000.”

At the time that The Great Leader told his lie there are 335 immigration judges. The following undisputed facts set forth in the tables at the end of this article prove beyond any doubt that The Great Leader’s claim that he was asked to add an additional 5,000 immigration judges and then rejected the request is a bald faced lie.  


The figures contained in the two tables prove the following relate to the history of the federal judiciary. (source: Federal Judicial Center)


785 = number of appellate judges appointed since 1891

282 = present number of appellate judges (ca. July 2018)

2,925 = number of district court judge appointments since 1891

980 = present number of district court judges (ca. July 2018)

3,710 = total number appellate/district judges appointed since 1891

1,262 = present number appellate/district judges (ca. July 2018)


The Great Leader’s lie that he was asked by some undisclosed person or persons to increase the immigration judge population from 374 to 5,374 doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test.


Over the past 127 years, there have been a total of 3,710 federal judges appointed on the appellate and district court level. According to The Great Leader he was requested to appoint 74% more federal judges in 2018 as immigration judges than have been appoint over the past 127 years.


Sadly, The Great Leader’s lie is just the latest in his willingness to manufacture things that never happened. Most unfortunate is the fact that his low I.Q. followers actually believe this crap despite it being easily proven to be false.


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