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Judge Altagracia Sánchez Molina; Dominican Republic; extortionist, Dufus

Judge Altagracia Sanchez Molina is the presiding judge of the La Romana Civil and Commercial Chamber Court in Santo Domingo.
The Judicial Branch Council has charged Judge Sanchez Molina of committing serious errors in the exercise of her duties and of violating the Judicial Branch Code of Ethics.
Juan Miguel Flaquer from the General Inspectorate Department recommended a disciplinary hearing in her case, following a complaint against the judge by a foreign company, Newco MG, which accused Sanchez Molina of asking for a payment in return for a favorable judgment. The judge has been the subject of several other complaints.
Recently, Supreme Court president Jorge Subero said he had received the dununciation against Judge Sanchez Molina implicated in the case of alleged extortion, which came about several weeks after British amabassador Steven Fisher said there was an attempted blackmail.
Judge Subero said the complaint against Judge Sanchez Molina was filed by the company’s lawyer Cristina Rodriguez Vargas, who submitted a taped phone coversation of the event.
It should be interesting to see how Judge Sanchez Molina is punished. In the U. S. of A. she wouldn’t have much to worry about since bribes by attorneys (they call them gifts or contributions) seeking favorable rulings is basically an Olympian sport.
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