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Attorney J. Michael Flournoy of Flagstaff, AZ; repeat offender, potty mouth loser
The Supreme Court of Arizona presented J. Michael Flournoy with a law license in 1962 after he graduated from the University of Arizona.
For a period of 10 years, Flournoy was a Coconino County Superior Court Judge. During his tenure on the bench, the Judicial Commission found Judge Flournoy disciplined Judge Flournoy seven (7) times for engaging in the following misconduct.
  1. Failing to recuse himself when a conflict existed – Admonished
  2. Making gratuitous/unnecessary comments to parents of a victim – Reprimand
  3. Losing his temper with an attorney in open court – Reprimanded
  4. Made insensitive remarks to a defendant – Admonished
  5. Made inappropriate comments to a litigant – Reprimand
  6. Asking inappropriate questions of defense attorney and making nasty comments to defendant – Reprimand
For his 7th bite at the Judicial Misfit Apple Tree the Commission found Judge Flournoy guilty of:
  • Engaged in significant and frequent outbursts of temper in court
  • Reacted violently when clerk asked about problems with numbering system for grand jury returns
  • Frequently engaged in unlawful ex parte cont acts with lawyers re: merits of their cases
  • Made inappropriate comments about physical attributes of female lawyers and court staff
  • Illegally tampered with official transcript in a medical malpractice case
In the medial malpractice case, Flournoy ordered his court reporter to not transcribe the full text of some comments he made evidencing his bias while a prospective juror was being questioned.
Two days before the Judicial Commission voted to suspend him from the bench, Flournoy sought a disability pension, magically claiming he was losing his vision (no trouble viewing his undeserved paycheck for accuracy). A disability retired would have allowed Flournoy the Loser to collect a yearly pension of $45,000. Without a disability finding, his pension would have been less than $30,000. Flournoy’s attempted scam didn’t bear any fruit.
As a consequence of his egregious misconduct and 7th trip to the Misfit Tree, the Supreme Court suspended Flournoy form the bench for 6-months.
As we speak (ca. Jan 2012) Flournoy practices law 5340 E. Mount Pleasant Drive in Flagstaff.
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