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Trump’s 58th post election lie: Obama embedded spy in Trump campaign


To lock in his League Leading Average as America’s Premier Liar, Donald “Trumporleone” Trump decided to once again lie about President Obama and the ongoing Russiagate investigation.


In this instance, The Great Leader sent out the following tweets to be digested by his low I.Q. followers.

  • “Congratulations America, we are now into the second year of the greatest Witch Hunt in American History...and there is still No Collusion and No Obstruction.”
  • “The only Collusion was that done by Democrats who were unable to win an Election despite the spending of far more money!”

The Great Leader continued with his shameful lie in an effort to feed some additional red meat to his low I.Q. followers by saying:

  • “Wow, word seems to be coming out that the Obama FBI “SPIED ON THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN WITH AN EMBEDDED INFORMANT.”
  • Andrew McCarthy says, “There’s probably no doubt that they had at least one confidential informant in the campaign.”
  • “If so, this is bigger than Watergate!”

As usual, there’s absolutely no evidence that Obama ordered the FBI to embed an informant in his campaign to spy on The Great Leader and/or his Toadies. In fact, this is in keeping with The Great Leader’s past lies that Obama wasn’t born in the United States or that he tapped his phones at Trump Tower.


Sadly, there is a group of lying losers in the House of Representatives that are more than happy to carry water for The Great Leader by acting on his behalf in attempting to thwart and/or eliminate the ongoing Russiagate investigation being conducted by Bob Mueller.


What will Trump’s followers and Toadies respond when irrefutable documentary evidence proves The Great Leader is guilty of a myriad of crimes including obstruction of justice, money laundering and tax evasion?


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