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Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Today’s “Delusional Liar” Award Winner


This isn’t the first Award presented to Sarah. In the past, she has been the recipient of nine (9) Awards in various categories and/or the subject of one (1) opinion piece. Those awards and opinion piece are listed at the end of this article and can be viewed by going to the listed categories.


During a recent (April 2018) press conference Sarah engaged in yet another lame attempt to cement her status as a Congenital Liar, Certified Moron and Aspiring Standup Comedian.


After donning a pair of Trumpian Brand ™ Industrial Strength Knee Pads, Sarah decided to once again prove his loyalty to The Great Leader regarding The Great Leader’s false claim of massive voter fraud during the 2016 election.


Sarah then told the reporters in attendance the following falsehoods.


  • “The president still strongly feels that there was a large amount of voter fraud and attempted to do a thorough review of it, but a lot of the states didn’t want to cooperate and participate.”
  • “We certainly know that there were a large number of incidents reported, but we can’t be sure exactly how much because we weren’t able to conduct the full review that the president wanted because a number of states did not want to cooperate and refused to participate.”


Sarah the Liar’s statements are in keeping with the monumental lies spewed forth shortly after the election (11-27-16) by The Great Leader, which are as follows:

  • "In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally."
  • "It would have been much easier for me to win the so-called popular vote than the Electoral College in that I would only campaign in 3 or 4- states instead of the 15 states that I visited.”
  • “I would have won even more easily and convincingly!"

Sarah absolutely knows for a fact that her statements about voter fraud are blatantly false. However, she also knows that it is a requirement of her job that she lie in accordance with the mandates of The Great Leader.


Hopefully, The Great Leader and/or one of his Designated Toadies have reimbursed and will continue to reimburse Sarah for the costs she incurs for repeated purchases of tubes of Industrial Strength Chapstick.

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