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Kenneth Copeland Ministries: Today’s “Fleece-Flocker” Award Winner


Kenneth Copeland is an infamous televangelist huckster who sells snake oil under the guise of doing God’s work. Kenny laughingly preaches a prosperity and abundance message, which is commonly referred to as the prosperity gospel. However, in truth Kenny and his wife Gloria are the ones who have become extremely prosperous at the expense of those they cheerfully dupe on a daily basis.


Not satisfied with the millions he and Gloria earn every year from running the so-called Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Kenny also delights in overcharging his followers by selling them a variety of books at exorbitant prices. A real t


A sample of Kenny screwing his followers is set forth in the table below.


Ken Copeland Ministries– ca. April 2018







The Blessing of the Lord – HC




+ $21.00

Faith to Faith devotional – PB




+ $16.84

God’s master plan for life – HC




+ $15.75

Blessed beyond measure – HC




+ $15.08

Marty’s Top 10 diet strategies – PB




+ $14.11

Live long, finish strong – PB




+ $11.49








If Greedy Kenny and his wife were truly concerned about the members of their flock that they cheerfully fleece daily, at a minimum they would provide them with a complimentary tube of Industrial Strength Preparation H.

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