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Donald “Trumporleone” Trump: Today’s “Dumbo” Award Winner


During an (late March 2018) ongoing attempt to further prove that he’s a Monumental Dumbo, Donald “Trumporleone” Trump laughingly attacked Amazon and its use of the Post Office.


In his idiotic rant, The Great Leader whined that Amazon wasn’t paying taxes on its sale of various products. This assertion further proves how ignorant The Great Leader is because only the states impose sales taxes and not the federal government.


The Great Leader then sent out the following idiotic tweets.

  • “Amazon uses our Postal System as their Delivery Boy.”
  • “That has people wondering: Isn’t the United States Postal Service supposed to be in the delivery business?
  • “Amazon’s heavy use of the USPS is causing tremendous loss to the U.S.”

It is an undisputable fact that the Post Office turns a profit on it’s package delivery services vs. delivery of regular mail. Had the Idiot spoke to the head of the Postal Service he would have discovered that to be a provable fact.


The main reason for The Great Leader’s attack on Amazon is his hatred of its CEO Jeff Bezos and his ownership of The Washington Post, a respected paper that he refers to as “Fake News.”


Unfortunately, there’s no end to the Gross Idiocy and Incompetency of The Great Leader.


What’s next for the Idiot? Will he complain that Amazon and Jeff Bezos are responsible for the closure of Montgomery Ward Stores in 2001?


And lastly, further proof that The Great Leader is a Monumental Dumbo is that fact that according to Federal Election Commission records, The Don’s campaign spent $158,498.11 on 379 specific orders in 2015 and 2016.


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