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Trump mimics Nixon by saying: “It’s not obstruction if the President does it”


Several anonymous and unreliable sources have indicated that Donald “Trumporleone” Trump has approved a short speech wherein he cheerfully plagiarizes a statement by one of his all-time favorite politicians, the late President Richard “Tricky Dicky” Nixon.


The statement that The Great Leader came about during an interview of Tricky Dicky by the late David Frost, which was conduct on April 6, 1977.


On April 6, 1977, President Richard “Tricky Dicky” Nixon made the following statement while being interviewed by David Frost.


“When the president does it, that means it is not illegal.”


There are numerous reports that Donald “Trumporleone” Trump has been convinced by his Compliant Apologist, Primary Legal and Religious Advisor and Chief Ass-Kisser Sean Hannity that laws that are relevant to the “common man” are not regarding His Royal Highness.


Therefore, The Great Leader was heard to mumbler:


“As your Great Leader, it’s not obstruction of justice if the President does it.”


This expert legal advice from Sean Hannity to The Great Leader should suffice to allow for the firing of Bob Mueller and the destruction of any and all evidence that was obtained via Mueller’s Witch Hunt.


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