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Trump orders motto on Dollar changed to “In Trump we Trust"


Several anonymous and unreliable sources have reported that Donald “Trumporleone” Trump is contemplating issuing an executive order to the U.S. Bureau of Printing and Engraving to delete the current motto on U.S. Currency that states “In God we Trust.”


The Great Leader is rumored to order that the new motto “In Trump we Trust” will be printed on U.S. Treasury bills beginning on April 1, 2018.


It was further reported that soon (no later than April 1, 20019) The Great Leader is going to issue an executive order regarding the images found on U.S. Currency as set forth below.

  • $100 bill: image of Ben Franklin changed to photo of The Great Leader
  • $50 bill: image of Ulysses Grant changed to photo of Sean Hannity
  • $20 bill: image of Alexander Hamilton changed to photo of David Duke
  • $10 bill: image of Andrew Jackson changed to photo of Sarah Huckabee Sanders
  • $5 bill: image of Abraham Lincoln changed to photo of Rep. Devin Nunes
  • $2 bill: image of Thomas Jefferson changed to photo of Donald Trump Jr.
  • $1 bill: image of George Washington changed to photo of Gen. Mike Flynn


And most importantly, The Great Leader will order that the reverse side of all U.S. Currency be changed from an image of the U.S. Capitol Building to a photo of Mar-a-Lago at the same time of the change to “In God we Trust.”


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