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Trump performs rendition of “All in the Family” Lyrics

It has been reported by several anonymous and unreliable sources that Donald “Trumporleone” Trump decided to perform his rendition of one of his all time favorite TV Show, “All in the Family.”


The same sources indicated that The Great Leader religiously watches reruns of his all time favorite show while downing a couple of Big Macs, several Twinkies, a couple of Cokes and a bag of Cheetos every evening before he goes to sleep.


With that said, the following is The Great Leader’s rendition of the “All in the Family” theme son.


Boy the way Daddy’s Klan played

Songs that made the bigot parade.

Guys like us we had it made,

Those were the days.


And you knew who you were then,

Girls were guys and men were women,

Mister we could use a man

Like J. Edgar Hoover again.


Didn't need no tax cut state,

I never pulled my weight.

Gee our old Rolls Royce ran great.

Those were the days.


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