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Trump fails to take credit for creating less jobs in 2017 then Obama did in 2016 


As we all know, Donald “Trumporleone” Trump is quick to take credit for things that he absolutely had nothing to do with, such as claiming he was personally responsible for the fact that there were no commercial airline deaths in 2017.


During his so-called campaign for the presidency, The Great Leader repeatedly attacked federally reported unemployment statistics as “phony” during the time Obama was president. However, when he became President, the same government unemployment statistics were completely accurate.


In late December 2017, The Great Leader sent out the following tweet:

  • “Jobs are kicking in and companies are coming back to the U.S. Unnecessary regulations and high taxes are being dramatically Cut, and it will only get better.”

During Obama’s last year in office (2016), 2.2 million jobs were added according to the government. However, during The Great Leader’s first year in office (2017), only 2.1 million jobs were created. Therefore, The Great Leader was unable to top the number of jobs created by his number one nemesis, President Obama.


And lastly, it should take long before The Great Leader comes out and claims that the 2016 government unemployment statistics were part of the “deep state’s” ongoing conspiracy to make him look bad and/or to cause his ouster from the presidency.


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