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Trump fails to take credit for losses of steel jobs in Pennsylvania 


During the presidential campaign and after he ascended to the throne, Donald “Trumporleone” Trump repeatedly stated that if he was elected that thousands if not tens-of-thousands of laid off steelworkers would be going back to work. This hyperbolic (BS) claim was instrumental in The Great Leader fooling out-of-work steelworkers voting for him.


In late 2017, the ArcelorMittal steel plant in Steelton, Pennsylvania announced it was laying off 150 of the plant’s 207 workers by the end of 2017.


Anyone with an I.Q. that exceeds the legal speed limit in school zone knows that the hundreds-of-thousands of lost jobs in the steel industry will never return. Put simply, the old steel mills in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, East Chicago and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania will never be resurrected regardless of the never-ending lies that The Great Leader continues to tell the voters that he cheerfully duped.


Compare this unwillingness to take credit for steel job losses with The Great Leader’s moronic claim of credit that there were no commercial airline deaths in 2016.


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