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Rep. Don DeSantis (FL): Today’s “Ass-Kisser” Award Winner


It should be noted that Donnie is another in a long list of loser attorneys that decided to go into politics after learning how difficult it was to earn a dishonest living practicing law after he graduated from Law School. Therefore, he decided to go into the second most ethical profession (used car salesman No. 1), politics.


During a recent (September 2017) episode of Fox & Friends Daily Comedy Show airing on the Fox News Comedy Network, Rep. DeSantis appeared with co-host and resident moron Brian Kilmeade to once again act as a compliant lackey for Donald “Trumporleone” Trump.


After donning a pair of Trumpian Brand ™ Industrial Strength Knee Pads in honor of The Don, Brian and Donnie engaged in the following discussion for the benefit of Brian’s intellectually bereft followers:



  • “Is it time to end the Russia investigation? One Republican congressman says yes, and soon.”
  • “He's proposing legislation to kill the special counsel Robert Mueller's probe into the president’s ties into Russia six months after it passes.”
  • “It seems reasonable. Here to explain his new measure is Florida GOP congressman, member of the House Oversight Committee of Government Reform Ron DeSantis.”
  • “Congressman, six months is enough.”
  • “Plus, you had James Comey investigating prior to this. Where's this proposal going?”


  • “Well, Brian, what we want to do is say very clearly we don't want to fund fishing expeditions, and when Deputy Attorney General [Rod Rosenstein] appointed Mueller, he issued an order that did not identify a crime.”
  • “He identified a counterintelligence investigation that Comey had been conducting.”
  • “So, you're in a situation where you don't have any limit, you don't have any scope, and what happens is with a special counsel, it's not like the normal prosecutor where have you all these other cases you got to worry about.”
  • “This is all you're doing. And so, if you don't have an obvious evidence of a crime, your incentive is to just find something.”
  • “And so, my amendment basically says, look, this thing needs to be limited to the campaign and Russia and it needs to have an end date.”
  • “If you haven't produced evidence of a crime after almost two years of investigating, because Comey investigated for a year before Mueller was appointed, then at some point we have to move on with the American people's business.”

So here we have an A-Hole loser lawyer that graduated from Harvard actually claiming that a prerequisite to appointing Mueller, Rosenstein was required to “identify a crime” that had already been committed. This hyperbolic (BS) statements is proof positive that Donnie is Moron (my sincerest apologies to Morons).


Moreover, I can’t recall Donnie whining when Ken Starr spent eight years (August 1994 to March 2002) investigating Whitewater and Bill Clinton at a cost of $70 million to the taxpayers.


Donnie and Brian continued with their discussion as follows:



  • “Does it concern you what you’ve known so far, the fact that they raid Paul Manafort's house?”
  • “They are looking at his international contacts.”
  • “Does it bother you that Robert Mueller reportedly conferring with the archenemy of President Trump, the [New York] Attorney General Schneiderman, who’s -- they’ve been going at each other for years.”
  • “Now they’re conferring directly. Does that bother you or encourage you that they’re trying to get to the end of this?”


  • “Rosenstein seems to be a gift to Democrats and anti-Trumpers that just want to see this president not be successful.”
  • “The way this was written seems criminal.”

I see Donnie, the real criminal is Mr. Rosenstein who appointed Bob Mueller and not The Don and members and/or associates of his crime family “The Trumporleone’s.”


Hopefully, The Don and/or one of his Ass-Kissing Surrogates reimbursed Donnie for the costs he incurred in purchasing an Industrial Tube of ChapStick.


Congrats Donnie; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as one of Americas Least Appreciated “Ass-Kissers”; you are far too humble.

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