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Attorney David Jennings, III of Cedarburg, WI; convict, liar, serial thief, loser

The Wisconsin Supreme Court made a monumental error in judgment when it presented David Jennings III with a law license in May 1975 after he graduated from Marquette University.
In 1993 Dave the Thief was convicted in federal court of two counts of embezzlement and two counts of making false entries in bankruptcy estates. He was sentenced to 27 months in prison followed by three years of supervised release and was ordered to make restitution of $590,000 from two companies. As a result of these criminal convict ions, the Wisconsin Supreme Court revoked Dave’s license in Jan 1993.
The Wisconsin Supreme Court allows convicts like Dave who have had their law license revoked to apply to the Court to be reinstated, which Dave did for the first time in Oct 1999. After an investigation by the Board of Professional Responsibility (BAPR), and following a public hearing, Davey voluntarily withdrew his petition.
In Nov 2007 Dave filed a second reinstatement petition, which the Supreme Court denied in March 2009 due to Dave’s failure to fully comply with his restitution of the funds he previously embezzled.
On March 15, 2010, Dave the Crook filed his third reinstatement petition. After holding a hearing, the referee appointed by the Supreme Court concluded that Dave was unfit to regain his law license.
In June 2011, the enablers and apologists sitting on the Wisconsin Supreme Court reinstated Dave the Crook’s law license. Apparently, these certified enablers felt that Dave the Crook deserved to have his law license reinstated, which would give him the opportunity to earn a dishonest living as an attorney.
This is just further evidence that the Legal Industry is more concerned about protecting its own then they are in protecting the public from certified thieves like David Jennings III.
Unless you’re looking for an attorney to offer you advice on successfully embezzling (stealing) from your parents or grandparents, my advice would be to avoid Dave. And if you do decide to see Dave make sure you leave you purse and/or wallet at home.
As we speak (ca. Sept 2011) Dave the Thief is practicing law in Cedarburg, Wisconsin which is about 30 miles north of Milwaukee.
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