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Removing Confederate statues panders to African-Americans sez Newt Gingrich


During a recent (mid-August 2017) appearance with comedian Martha MacCallum on the Fox News Comedy Network’s “The Story,” appeared to further prove his loyalty to Donald “Trumporleone” Trump as it relates to the removal of Confederate statues.


Towards that end, Martha and Newt engaged in the following discussion for the entertainment pleasure of Fox’s low I.Q. followers.



  • “Let me ask you about these Confederate statues because as we just reported the mayor in Lexington is about to take one down of a Confederate general. And where does that stop?”
  • “At what point are you erasing history and not sort of understanding the role that these people [racist slave owners] played and the times that they lived in?


  • “I think the point is we ought to be a country focusing on the future, not a country frothing at the mouth about the past.”
  • “And It tells you something about the intellectual collapse of the left. That all they have is this kind of rabid behavior.”
  • “And of course, mayors in towns that are largely black are going to pander to their audience.”
  • “They are going to go out and prove they are popular by doing something that meets the current demagogic needs.”
  • “But that's everything that the founding fathers worried about. Having demagoguery define your country is truly dangerous. Listen to the mob you got on the screen back there. That's not democracy. That's not a free society. That's a group of people behaving like a mob.

I see Newt Baby! So, when the moronic bigots in Texas pass a law-making discrimination against members of the LGBT community legal that’s like really cool shit, right?


And how about The Don’s Daddy (DD) Fred Trump Jr. who was arrested on Jun 1, 1927 in Queens, New York for marching in a KKK rally? DD was arrested along with several other racists for brawling with police at the parade. After the arrest, DD and/or one of his comrades passed out a Klan leaflet that said:


“Americans Assaulted by Roman Catholic Police of New York City!”


Just the kind of feller you hung around with while you lived in or near Columbus, Georgia, right Newt? As they say Newt,Bigots of a Feather, discriminate together.”


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