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Trump's 36th post-election lie: nuclear arsenal “more powerful than ever before”


On August 9, 2017, Donald “Trumporleone” Trump decided to further assure that he would continue to retain his Crown as the Reigning Heavyweight Champion Liar of the U.S. of A. by fabricating a blatant falsehood (is there another kind for The Don?) about America’s present nuclear arsenal.


In this instance, The Don made the following false statements.

  • “My first order as President was to renovate and modernize our nuclear arsenal.”
  • “It is now far stronger and more powerful than ever before.”
  • “Hopefully we will never have to use this power, but there will never be a time that we are not the most powerful nation in the world!”

There is no dispute that it takes decades, not months to modernize America’s nuclear arsenal. The modernization taking place now (ca. 2017), like procurement of a new Air Force bomber or the Navy’s Columbia-class submarine, started under President Obama’s administration.


The simple and indisputable truth is that America’s nuclear arsenal is not “far stronger and more powerful” since The Don ascended to the throne.


This latest lie about something that is clearly insignificant is just another example of The Don stroking his oversized ego in order to make his followers believe he’s Making America Great Again.


And lastly, how many more bald-faced lies will The Don have to tell before his dyed-in-the-wool supporters disconnect their Trump Umbilical cord?


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