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The “deep state” is trying to destroy Trump sez: Rev. Newt Gingrich


Newt Gingrich recently (early August 2017) appearance on the Sean Hannity Comedy Show hosted by the Fox News Comedy Network to further prove his undying loyalty to Donald “Trumporleone” Trump.


Towards that end and after donning a pair of Trumpian Industrial Strength Knee Pads for the purpose of genuflecting in honor of The Don, Newt made the following statement to Sean’s low I.Q. followers in response to Sean’s softball question regarding alleged attacks on The Don and Russia.

  • “No, I think what you have is you are exactly right.”
  • “The administrative deep state, its lobbying allies, its news media allies are all determined to try to destroy Donald J. Trump.”
  • “It's a very straightforward fight.”                 

FYI: the term “deep state” is a right-wing loony conspiracy theory put forth by a variety of Republicans that there is a coordinated effort by career government employees and others beholding to President Obama who are running a “shadow government” intent on undermining the presidency of The Don.


Of course, it goes without saying that Newt doesn’t have a scintilla of evidence to support his hyperbolic (BS) claims. His only hope is to curry favor with The Don for a future government job, and more importantly to increase the sale of books he and/or his third wife Callista have allegedly authored.


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