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Russia investigation dangerous Witch Hunt sez Newt Gingrich


During a recent (mid-July 2017) appearance on the Sean Hannity Comedy Show hosted by the Fox News Comedy Network, Newt Gingrich decided to once again prove his undying loyalty for Donald “Trumporleone” Trump.” Towards that end, and after donning a pair of Trumpian Brand ™ Industrial Strength Knee Pads, Newt told Sean’s low I.Q. followers:

  • “The Mueller investigation has so many conflicts of interest, it's almost an absurdity.”
  • “The law firm he comes from gave 99.81 percent of its donations to Hillary Clinton last year.”
  • “The people that he’s been hiring are all anti-trump lawyers.”
  • “Several of them have very bad records of hiding information from the defense, and one case was rebuked by the Supreme Court in a 9-0 vote.”
  • “It's hard to understand why he would assemble such a team unless it was a deliberate effort to go after the president and the president's team.”

Newt went on with his hyperbolic (BS) love rant about The Don by saying:

  • “I think it's a very reasonable to say this is a very dangerous witch hunt that Mueller keeps expanding it because he can't find anything in the original charge.”
  • “He's not going to find anything about Trump and Russia, and yet he's hired all of these guys who have given up their very expensive law services to come out and try to get somebody and they're going to eventually find somebody to prosecute because there are too many lawyers being paid too much money for them to go home having accomplished nothing.”

Of course, the Ass-Kisser has no idea of what evidence Mueller has accumulated about Russiagate and any collusion involving The Don, his family members and/or a variety of Trump Toadies.


Newt’s claim that the lawyers hired by Mueller are “being paid too much money” is a total fabrication because Newt the Congenital Liar has no clue what they’re being paid.


In Newt’s Demented Ass-Kissing Trump World, Mueller should be replaced by Trump’s personal attorney Marc Kasowitz who could hire dispassionate and unbiased associate attorneys like Sen. Ted Cruz and Attorney General Jeff Beauregard Sessions. This trio of Ethical Giants would likely be friendly to The Don in bringing the investigation to a speedy resolution in The Don’s favor.


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