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Ivanka Trump grades Daddykins performance as an “A” 


After she donned a pair of official Trumpian ™ Industrial Strength Knee Pads, Ivanka appeared on the Fox and Friends Comedy Show (ca. late June 2017) to shamelessly claim that her Daddy Donald “Trumporleone” Trump was doing a great job so far. Towards that end, Ivanka told Fox and Friends’ intellectually debilitated followers the following.

  • “I think he's doing an amazing job.”
  • “I think he's doing an unbelievable job.”

Apparently, Ivanka need a refresher course in remedial English if she really believes that The Don is doing an amazing and unbelievable job as President of the U.S. of A.


Ivanka continued with her hyperbolic (BS) rant by saying:

  • "When you think about the security in this country, when you think about the policies being put in place to support the American worker, when you see what's happening in the stock market -- its thriving.”
  • “Small business owners across this country are feeling a renewed sense of optimism and vigor and spirit.”
  • “So, it's a really hard job and there are always naysayers, and it's much easier to criticize than to actually dive in and do and affect change and move the ball forward."

Everything that Ivanka said is pure bunk! What evidence is there that small business owners are in effect experience organisms because of The Don’s so-called actions. The stock market thriving does not in any way inure to the benefit of the working class that was duped into voting for The Don. It only benefits millionaires and billionaires.


There are no policies put in place by The Don that can be construed as being supportive of the American worker. In fact, his appointments to various organizations are meant to harm those who actually work for a living.


And I suppose Ivanka the Moron actually believes that depriving 22 to 23 million people of their healthcare insurance is another “amazing” job by her Daddy The Don.


And lastly, I could understand Ivanka giving Daddy an “A” if she was grading him on his ability to “grab a pussy,” engage in overt misogyny and/or his innate ability to lie about anything and anyone.  In those areas, The Don has accomplished much!


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