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Liberals trying to kill America sez Fox’s Lou Dobbs


It should be noted that early on in his life, Louie wanted to become a lawyer. However, after attending the University of Idaho Law School for a short period of time, Louie dropped out after he determined how difficult it would be to earn a dishonest living practicing law. He then decided to go into the second most honest profession (used car salesman No. 1), political punditry.


During a recent (June 2017) episode of his daily comedy show airing on the Fox News Comedy Network, Louie decided to go on the attack against Democrats while interviewing Republican Rep. Dave Brat.


After donning a pair of Trumpian ™ Industrial Strength Knee Pads, Louie engaged in the following back and forth with Rep. Brat.



  • “You know, congressman, I agree with everything you say. I do think it's important that we take note that the left in this country is trying to kill America.”
  • “It is a wonderful thing to speak of unity and joining hands, but what we are watching, and in play now is an outright assault on the president of the United States, by the left, by the most extreme wings of the Democratic Party, who have vowed that they will fight through -- talking about Russian collusion, irrespective of no evidence, no facts, through the midterm elections because they find that to their political advantage.”
  • “Congressman, I think we've got to be very realistic about what we are witnessing here –“


  • “Year.”



  • "Which is a contest, a struggle, a battle for the values of this country, and for the government, the government of this great nation that is under assault.”


Apparently, Louie believes that one of the “values of this country” is having “pussy grabbing” President who is a Serial Liar.


Yes indeedy, lying, grabbing pussies, assaulting women, cheating workers out of their pay, running a fraudulent college course and engaging in racism by denying blacks and Latinos the ability rent apartments in Queens, New York are the specific values that all Americans are seeking.


Hopefully, Louie is going to demand that The Don and/or one of his Designated Toadies reimburse him for the costs he has incurred to date to purchase tubes of Industrial Strength Chapstick.


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