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Donald “Trumporleone” Trump can’t obstruct justice sez Newt Gingrich


During a recent (May 2017) speech at the Press Club of DC, Newt decided to provide further proof that he is one of The Don’s most trusted and valuable Ass-Kissing Toadies.


After donning a pair of Trumpian ™ Industrial Strength Knee Pads, Newt sent out the following laughable tweet.


“The president of the United States [Trump] cannot obstruct justice.”

7:12 AM - 16 Jun 2017


Of course, Newt’s false statement flies in the face of what he said in 1998 when he was Speak of the House and the author of Articles of Impeachment against Bill Clinton. In this instance, Newt stated:


“In his conduct while President of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton, in violation of his constitutional oath faithfully to execute the office of President of the United States and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, has prevented, obstructed and impeded the administration of justice, and has to that end engaged personally, and through his subordinates and agents, in a course of conduct or scheme designed to delay, impede, cover up and conceal the existence of evidence and testimony …”


Newt’s shameless and false claim that The Don “cannot obstruct justice” because he’s the President is reminiscent of what Richard Nixon said to David Frost during an April 6, 1977 interview when he said:


“If the President does it, that means it’s not illegal.”


It’s obvious that Newt doesn’t want to do anything that would risk his loser wife Callista from being appointed Ambassador to The Vatican. It is also obvious that Newt continues to audition for a job in the Trump Administration, and may well be jockeying for the job as the next FBI Director.


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