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Trump exits closet to announce relationship with Vladimir Putin


An unreliable source has indicated that Donald “Trumporleone” Trump intends to announce that he’s going to come out of the closet and admit that he is Gay. It is further rumored that in existing the closet, The Don will proudly announce his long-term relationship with and expected engagement to Vladimir “The Vlad” Putin.


The Don surely deserves our praise and support for his expected willingness to finally exhibiting the courage to exit the closet.


I was further informed that The Don has recently sent Vlad a personal poem that he arranged to show his deep love and affection for him. The Poem entitled “My Puddykins Putin” goes like this.


Everyone says that he acts so badly

It’s okay cause I loves him so madly


At first I thought he was a Cad 

Then I found out he not be so bad


Some in my circle thought he be just a Fad

But I knew right away he’d be like my Dad


When Vlad threatened to leave my Pad

It caused me to become like really sad


When my wife found out she went ee-gad

I responded and said “It ain’t all that bad”


All I need to get by is a Lovin’ Vlad

Cause it gonna make me very Glad


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