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Attorney Shawn Flaherty of Pittsburgh; cheerleader for convicted felons


The state of Pennsylvania presented Shawn Thomas Flaherty with a law license in 1985 after he graduated from Duquesne University Law School.


In one matter, Shawn decided to act as an enabler and apologist for convicted and disbarred attorney Milton Raiford who was convicted of obstruction of justice while involved in a scheme to perpetrate a fraud on the criminal justice system of Alleghany County.


For more detail on the criminal conduct of Mr. Raiford, go to the URL listed at the end of this article. 


When Raiford the Felon applied for the reinstatement of his law license, Shawn decided to testify on his behalf by laughingly stating that he not only “trusted” Raiford but that he also “respected” him.


How is it possible for someone with an ounce of ethics to state that he/she finds a convicted felon to be a “trusted and respected” individual? 


Thanks to Shawn and those of his ilk in the legal community, the good folks in the Pittsburgh area have yet another convicted felon practicing law in their midst.


As we speak (ca. June 2017), Shawn practices with Flaherty Fardo LLC at 812 Ivy Street in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Attorney Milton Raiford of Pittsburgh; convict


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