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Breaking News: Hitler never used Chemical Weapons Moron Spicer


At his daily comedy press briefing, White House press secretary and resident comedian Sean Spicer tried to paint Donald “Trumporleone” Trump as a Goodfellow regarding the bombing of a Syrian Airport with 59 Cruz Missiles.


During his press briefing, Sean the Sycophant (SS) attempted to equate Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to Adolph Hitler and in doing so said:

  • “We [U.S. forces] didn’t use chemical weapons in World War II.”
  • “You know, you had someone as despicable as Hitler who didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons””
  • “So you have to, if you’re Russia, ask yourself: ‘Is this a country that you, and a regime, that you want to align yourself with?’”

Goshes and Gollies and Gee Whillickers, I thought American GIs were liberating Jews from death camps in German and Poland where Hitler and his henchmen were “gassing” women, children and the elderly with Zyklon B (hydrocyanic acid) at Auschwitz and other death camps.


Apparently, Sean the Moron believes that Zyklon B was a humanitarian chemical weapon when utilized by Hitler to exterminate the Jews in Europe.


How far did The Don have to go to find a Lying Sycophant and Degenerate Moron like Sean to act as the White House Press Secretary?


Clearly, The Don could have done much better if had employed another Trump Toady like Sean “The Ass-Kisser” Hannity or Rush “The Doper” Limbaugh.


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