► Everyone’s entitled to a Gun Silencer says Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) Print E-mail

► Everyone’s entitled to a Gun Silencer says Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC)


In November 2010, Jeff Duncan succeeded in duping the voters in western South Carolina of voting him as a member of the United States House of Representatives. 


Since 1934, gun silencers along with sawed-off shotguns and machine guns have been restricted by the government. The most famous use of gun silencers are members of the Mafia who use them to muffle the loud noises that are prevalent without one when they are snuffing out one of their own.


In early 2013, Jeff sponsored legislation laughingly entitled “The Hearing Protection Act” that would do away with federal barriers for purchasing gun silencers. In support of his asinine legislation, Jeff said:

  • “This legislation is about safety ― plain and simple.”
  • “I’m very active in sport shooting and hunting, and I can’t tell you how better off the shooting sports enthusiasts would be if we had easier access to suppressors to help protect our hearing.”

I see Jeff, the only reason the Mafia uses silencers is based on safety issues and to protect their hearing. Obviously, Jeff missed his calling as a standup comedian.


Rather than legalizing silencers, maybe Congress should pass legislation requiring that Jeff undergo a free annual colonoscopy performed by an amateur proctologist so that we could discover if his I.Q. is higher or lower than the legal speed limit in a school zone.


And lastly, if Jeff’s asinine legislation becomes law, what will he propose next? Will he propose legislation legalizing the use of “hand grenades?” And will distributors/sellers be required to provide a free “silencer” for every hand grenade they sell?


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