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Details of Russian Hacking should be kept Secret sayeth Kellyanne Conway


During a recent interview with the Fox News Comedy Network’s “Fox & Friends” comedy show, Kellyanne expressed disappointment that intelligence officials and lawmakers are leaking information on the Russian hacking of the election to help the president-elect and insisted it should be kept secret to “protect the public.” (Tom Boggioni)


Kellyanne told Fox & Friends’ low I.Q. followers:


“I’m always disappointed how public and sometimes political some of these figures can seem to be.”

“I’m very concerned, very concerned.”

“You realize it is the Trump team, only us at this time, that is not divulging what occurred in a classified briefing.”


In a lame effort at levity, Kellyanne went on to say.

  • “This classified information, it’s top secret.”
  •  Why is it top secret?”
  • “It’s not top secret to keep it from the public, but to protect the public.”

So, this Moronic Sycophant and Trump Groupie would have us believe that concealing facts proving Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election to the benefit of Donald “Trumporleone” Trump would be beneficial to the public.


I suppose that Kellyanne would have fully supported the concealment of the Nixon Watergate tapes under the guise it would have protected us from the truth.


In truth, the sole beneficiary of keeping said facts secret is The Don.


And lastly, Kellyanne is a total embarrassment to all Bleached Blonde Bimbos (BBB) that have boarded the Trump Train as TRUMP GROUPIES for personal financial gain.

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